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Brittanie Bond

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*Resumé available upon request 

Select Clients:
NYU Langone Health, RED+F
Physicians for Human Rights
Left Bank Books
The Motor Company
Race Forward
The Cooper Union

Friends & Colleagues:

Sierra Stansberry
Taylor Woods
Grace Han
Jess Kuronen
Rachel Mendelsohn
Beverly Joel
Barbara Glauber

Davon Howard is a Graphic Designer.  (if you didn’t know already)

He’s also an interdisciplinary artist. 

He is currently the Creative Director of Colorlines, a multimedia news platform dedicated to providing thought-provoking, in-depth analysis around issues concerning race, democracy and building collective power.

Davon is committed to creating design experiences that are deeply holistic, responsive, bold, and timelessly elegant. He considers experimentation, research, and collaboration as the core building blocks to build an impactful design strategy, and loves working closely with clients who value these principles too.

If you’re interested, I’m sure he’d love to chat with you .

Specialties & Skills: Silkscreen, Photolithography, Letterpress, Bookbinding; Photography; Publication Design, Environmental & Exhibition Design, Information Design; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, SignAgent; Microsoft Office Suite; G-Suite.

Loves: well-written books, beautifully designed books, books about books, books that act as taxonomic records of things that interest him; Pokémon™, puzzles, riddles, wordplay, portmanteaus, and mixed metaphors.

Based in Brooklyn, NY.